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Proud to Serve You


Kaosamai has been a Fremont staple since 2001. We opened with a small family-based staff and a lot of ambition. In 2004, we opened our first mobile catering truck, that was very much built by hand. We are proud to say we pioneered the food truck industry in Seattle. Our signature orange restaurant and trucks have made us a familiar face around town. We feel blessed to be able to share our cooking with Seattle, our extended family, for close to two decades. When we reopened our brick and mortar restaurant in June of 2019, we had a new vision, but still held strong to our core values. Kaosamai Thai is an immigrant, women, and family owned establishment. We are proud to call Seattle our home and we are grateful for our community for continually supporting us and making our dreams possible. 


404 N 36th St Seattle WA 98103


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